"Family Violence and Men of Color Healing the Wounded Male Spirit" Ricardo Carrillo & Jerry Tello

"Family Violence and Men of Color is the best book in cross-cultural issues and domestic violence that I have ever read. It is a good combination of literature review, clinical interventions, and cultural imagery that will not only inform the readers but help them develop a true appreciation for the essence of different cultures."

- Daniel Sonkin, PhD
Marriage, Family, and Child Counselor

"This innovative book examines an important, timely topic...and makes an original contribution to the existing literature in the area of domestic violence. The content will greatly enhance practitioners' and students' understanding and skills in working with men of color, especially in situations involving domestic violence."

- Elaine P. Congress, DSW
Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service

This volume rviews research on the prevalence of homicide, child abuse, and domestic violence in special populations, including African American, Latino/Chicano, Asian American, and Native American. Look Inside or get the book at amazon.

Empirical, clinical, experiential, and narrative approaches provide the reader with a culturally integrated perspective of this controversial subject. Also addressed is the need for more culturally-sensitive research that would result in more effective prevention and intervention efforts in years to come.